Our pub restaurant offers well sourced ingredients from France and some of the UK’s best independent food and Wine producers, ensuring a decent British-French experience.


Service is smart, casual and informative and directed by Dean. Dean is well known and respected, as a first class Maitre' d throughout our industry and we like that. He is helped out by the rest of the Bonwick family.

















The Crown is our little house and we don't just like it, "WE BLOODY LOVE IT, WE ARE MAD ABOUT IT!" Sometimes this comes across as mildly eccentric, yet, this is our way of delivering the very best of our offer.


Food Awards and Reviews: dad has won a Michelin Star for his food, we also have a respectable score in the Good Food Guide and this 2018 we are there BEST UK pub restaurant. While we are not conscious of guide approval, subconsciously it's great being understood!


Tripadvisor; We have no faith in it, we don't read it. In fact we consider it the worst kind of review of its type and pay no attention to it all!


Our Tiny bar: Please, no pushchairs or Children under 12 as we are a tiny place.

There is no child's menu and children over 12 are fine in the dining room, but perhaps not in the bar area.


We look forward to warmly welcoming you soon perhaps.